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Coating tablets

Coating of tablets improves stability and appearance: your tablets will look more appealing, be easier to swallow and the coating will mask any unpleasant flavours and scents. We have been producing tablets for many years and coating is a logical next step.

Coating tablets

March 7, 2014

From now on, Ambi Pack is also able to coat your tablets. Ambi Pack already has been producing tablets for years – in a variety of types and sizes – and coating is the logical next step. Through coating not only the aesthetics of a tablet can be improved, but also the swallowability greatly enhances. Furthermore a coating can mask any unpleasant smell or taste.

We are also able to coat based on vegetarian ingredients; we can for instance apply a coating based on natural pea starch. At Ambi Pack we like to offer our customers an alternative of natural origin.

For more information about coating, please contact us.


Tabletten coaten

7 maart 2014

Ambi Pack nieuws; Tabletten coaten Coaten van tabletten zorgt niet alleen voor een mooier, gladder en meer glimmend tablet, maar kan tevens vervelende geur en/of smaak eigenschappen maskeren. Wij produceren