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coated tablets

Ambi Pack is your contract manufacturer and packaging partner for coated tablets. You provide the formula, we will take care of everything else. We will assist you with advice on tablet shapes and sizes, types of coating, and further packaging to ensure your product is a success.


Contract manufacturing, tableting, coating and packaging

In Ambi Pack, you have one single partner for the contract manufacturing and coating of your food supplements, medical devices or other products in tablet format. The coating improves stability and appearance: your tablets will look more appealing, be easier to swallow and the coating will mask any unpleasant flavours and scents.

We will manufacture the coated tablets exactly as you envisage them and package them in blisters, jars or sachets to give you a complete end product that is ready to hit the shelves.


    Contact us!

    In 6 steps your product manufactured, tableted, coated and packaged


    Your request

    We will deal with your request immediately. After an initial response within one working day, you will receive an offer as soon as possible.


    You supply the formula, we will take care of development together with you.


    We can take care of the entire ingredient and material procurement process for you. You can also handle procurement yourself and deliver the ingredients and materials to us.

    Tableting & coating

    We will apply a suitable coating to the tablets. We can handle different coatings, ranging from seal coatings, colour coatings, moisture protection coatings to natural alternatives.


    Your tablets are packed in blisters, jars or sachets fully automatically.


    We will prepare batches for shipping and deliver them to your chosen location.

    Want to learn more about our production process? Contact our specialists

    Tableting, coating and more

    We can process even the most challenging formulations for you. We will mix ingredients exactly to your formula. After making the tablets, we will apply a suitable coating. Every step of the way, we are your sparring partner and always offer advice with a view to achieving the best possible end result. And this includes the packaging that allows your product to stand out on the shelves.

    Ambi Pack manufactures according to FSSC 22000 & ISO 13485

    We have the strictest certifications to ensure that your coated tablets are of the highest quality: FSSC 22000, ISO 13485 and SKAL. This combination of quality standards is precisely what guarantees that you can rely on manufacturing and packaging of the highest quality.