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Meticulous in all manufacturing and
packaging activities

Ambi Pack is an independent family-run business with a workforce of specialists and its own production and packaging facilities. We boast state-of-the-art machinery at different sites across ‘De Sandeling’ industrial estate in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands.

The technology, the advice and the ideas

Owing to our mastery of the technology, we are able to assume your perspective and anticipate your needs in designing efficient solutions, seamless processes, and truly stand-out products and packaging.

We help you tap into changing customer preferences by acting fast and being flexible, and even by investing in new technology or applications.


At home in every market

You will take advantage of over 20 years’ experience in many different markets. Our thorough understanding of all the relevant rules and guidelines allows us to suggest options for smart manufacturing, stand-out packaging and additional services that you might not yet have considered and which will boost your competitive edge.

Although our production and packaging lines are fully automated, we never work on autopilot. At Ambi Pack, every batch is special.

Food supplements

Contract manufacturing and packaging of a wide range of products - from products aimed at building up resistance to nutricosmetics and probiotics.
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Medical devices

Contract manufacturing and packaging of medical devices such a weight loss aids to cardiovascular health products.
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Pharmaceutical products

Packaging solid dosage forms under GMP conditions in blisters, jars and sachets. As well as all kinds of secondary packaging.
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Packaging of various cosmetics products like sun cream, shower products and face masks. We specialise in cosmetics sachets, magazine sachets and stick packs.
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Packaging of e.g. meal replacements and shakes, sea salt, salad dressings and sauces. We can take care of the complete process of packaging in sachets, stick packs or jars.
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Short lines of communication, short lead times

Ambi Pack is a contract manufacturer and contract packer of food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The company was founded by Jan Tio in 1998 and is a true family-run business. You can tell straight away: our lines of communication are short, as are our lead times. Thanks to our no-nonsense mentality, you always know exactly where you stand.

During the past few years, thanks to healthy growth and development, the organisation has become more and more professional. Starting as a small business of five employees, the organisation has developed into a specialist company that employs 70 people.

The second generation of the family has been active in the company for many years now and will take over at the helm in due course. This way, the continuity of Ambi Pack is secured and that creates stability; we can fully focus on contract manufacturing and packaging your product!



A variety of fully automated machinery assists us in the contract manufacturing and packaging of a wide range of products, yet it is our employees who make the difference. They each have a strong sense of responsibility and are closely involved in the everyday operations of our organisation.

Our employees are the decisive factor in the quality we deliver each day. Hence it is important that they have the correct knowledge and skills. That is why they receive regular external training, in addition to various internal courses. This way, several employees have already been trained to be 'farmaceutisch vakman' (pharmaceutical professional) or 'farmaceutisch technicus' (pharmaceutical engineer).

Our professional approach combined with an informal working atmosphere means that staff turnover is extremely low. This is a comforting thought for our customers, as the production of each and every batch has been the responsibility of the same capable people.